More entertaining women (especially for tender and similar apps)
Find out more about the girl who gives you feedback on tender or similar websites about the relationship between the game and more. Most women use it for fun, so have fun! If you can laugh about it, you're there. Do not forget to make a good profile (see the end of the article).

Girlfriend tips to talk to you about tender (or something similar)

If you know it, use its name.
Feel it to feel (surprise, excite, humiliated). The feeling of something (though it's considered negative) is better than something to think.
Say something unique. Most people will not spoil their messages. If you do, you will see good results.
Indicator and Reliable Openers:
Are you busy now? Because you can Now I am doing it with me
Do you like muscles? I just went to the store and found something. We can share it. I am talking about meat, even by the way, I have broken.
:) +: P = 0000 (do you understand?)
Annnnnnnd .... I think we are now married. This is an excellent platform, right?
You are the only woman present.
Oh no, now I've seen your face, I can not remember anything in my life. I hope that it should not work right now.
My profile is wrong for your information. If you want, you can learn the model of pics.
I'm sure you'll always get it, but Demon Girl, your face reminds me that I'll have to wash my bed immediately.
Did you know that I'm running a backdrop delivery service? Give me your number and address and I will go there as soon as possible.
Do you know how much I love and respect all women? If we go on a specific date, you will see how much I respect you. I will respect him.
Good volunteers :) You have enough hands.
We both feel attractive. Let's just nonsense and be compelling. What is yours?
Pizza is my second favorite meal in the bed.
I do not know if you're the best girl on my troublesome list or the best girl on my good list.
Very good profile (almost cool in my form)
There are so many terrible things in the world that it is difficult to know what to do. Do you want to exclude?
Yes, I am completely available as a man on this day, but I thought I should also tell you about this Turf business. And I have my muscles
Are you trying to work on your golf swing? I'm not games, but I want to show you that.
FAQ: Yes, I understand. Yes, I am open to large and small tablespoons. No, I do not agree.
I am very masculine and my beard is increasing.
I thought after my date in the morning, I can make you some easy eggs and then we can take a bath before landing in Paris. Is any of these good for you?
They like a suitable case for a while.
Nerdy or award opener:
I'm a rebel. I open the chip bag from the bottom.
Wow, you are very beautiful and I look like a leg. Not just normal legs with soft hair. Hey! Body hair! It's hot, okay?
Let's say who has two thumbs and closes parental cellphone system easily. This guy! Give me your number and I can send you a picture of your thumb for proof.
I love you because I love you.
You see cut. I want to receive some training tips from you.
Well, I know I am here with my league. Can we just cancel the prey and you will ignore this message as soon as possible.
Maybe you can not take Mom home, but you can definitely take me home. Please really I am homeless or can I sit dog for you?
Politically or to get anything, but the polling station really starts me. Have you ever tried to stop chatting?
I read the paper this morning and I'm not fifty years old. Are you still running?
Have you ever thought that life is slow to slow down? They would love to see it there. I mean, we can see each other first.